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small black wabi sabi scrafitto vase by gonetopottexas on Etsy

Small black wabi sabi scrafitto vase

“Le feutre en mouvement” jusqu’au 21 juillet. Le Musée du Feutre de Mouzon. Place du Colombier. 08210 Mouzon. Ouvert de mai à juillet de 14 à 18h. www.mouzon.fr/musee.asp

Association FilzNetzwerk : Miriam Verbeek "Floes of ice" think of thi idea larger scale and as a background to shoot against

Wood  fired slipware lidded pot, Niek Hoogland, NL.

Wood fired slipware lidded pot, Niek Hoogland, NL.

Hallsattpieces di Elke Sada

Change of x 51 x 47 cm[BR]Stained casting slip, engobes, transparent glaze

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Chicken Coop Mug. Wendy Olson's work is a very good example for using the underglaze pencil.

Stef Storey

Photo: porcelain patchwork teapot, cups and saucers by Stef Storey

Fabienne Christyn

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Image of bridget bodenham | ceramic mugs

Enjoy your favourite brew in one of Bridget Bodenham's signature style ceramic mugs. Hand formed, featuring a 'raw' finish stoneware exterior, gold.

blueberry modern

I love the green textured finish of this vessel by ceramist Matthew Bayman. The hue almost looks like rust, which is really beautiful and complex. I'd love to learn this pottery technique.