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Love this octopus tattoo. The colors are so vibrant.

How To Chose a Fantastic Octopus Tattoo Just what sort of stories lie behind and Octopus Tattoo? Octopus Tattoo meanings turn out to be wildly different depending on where you are, who you are and

Best Octopus Design Tattoos (57)

Best Octopus Design Tattoos (57)

Katelyn Crane - Octopus tattoo

Katelyn Crane - Octopus tattoo - this is very close to what I want around the shoulder

octopus tattoo on arm

Here you will find a good collection of different Octopus tattoo design idea for men and women.

Octopus Tattoo by Jeff Johnson -  	I did this blue and gold  octopus tattoo on a long time client Amanda. This is the 3rd large tattoo shes gott

Don't like this octopus at all but I do love the size and placement for an octopus tatoo.

Illustrative Octopus Tattoo On Man Arm

72 Best Octopus Tattoos and Drawings with Images