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Micro-UZI with sight

The Reflex Suppressors are full-auto proof with full power 9 mm ammo.

weaponslover:  SVD Dragunov

Dragunov, Russian Sniper rifle Russian and, Yugoslav Version,s are the Best .

assault rifle concept

assault rifle concept is is another disp[lay that's says what ya you just kicked the wrong door in!


Not usually a fan of break barrel guns but this shotgun pistol by Robert Simons is a thing of beauty

AAC M4-1000 Mod08 / HK416 (10.4")

HK 416 - My favorite weapon - look at this silencer it can be so easy attached to the gun

Zombie Apocalypse Protection Items

Stainless Steel Sculpture by Shi Jinsong World Design: What a stroller!