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Micro-UZI with sight

The Reflex Suppressors are full-auto proof with full power 9 mm ammo.

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Not only does the Patriotic Paracord Bracelet represent our fearlessness against terrorism it even has some really cool survival tools built inside.

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Build Your Sick Custom Assault Rifle Firearm With This Web Interactive Firearm Gun Builder with ALL the Industry Parts - See it yourself before you buy any parts

Save those thumbs & bucks w/ free shipping on this magloader I purchased mine http://www.amazon.com/shops/raeind  No more leaving the last round out because it is too hard to get in. And you will load them faster and easier, to maximize your shooting enjoyment.  loader does it all easily, painlessly, and perfectly reliably

Heckler & Koch - designated marksman rifle = increased accuracy, penetrative power and effective range Best one on the market.