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Lost WWII allied aircraft in New Guinea. note really sure you can call it 'lost' when there is a pic, but.


Lake Bruin of July Redneck yacht club. This was talked about in the fish house this year! 'How can we stay on the lake all year round?' 'We'll have to buy a big machine to keep Wood Lake Lake frozen!

Second World War hand grenade

Nature versus war: How helmets, grenades and guns discarded during World War II have been swallowed up by tree trunks in Russia. Makes you wonder what other things over time have been swallowed never to be seen again.

An American soldier looking over German artillery captured or destroyed in the battle of El Guettar, 1943. -

An American soldier examines captured German artillery, including cm FlaK 40 anti-aircraft guns, Tunisia,

A Japanese fighter still supported by the canopy of trees where it crash-landed during World War II in Papua, New Guinea

“A Japanese Mitsubishi Zero fighter aircraft from World War Two stuck in a tree in Papua New Guinea

The yellow brick road from the abandoned theme park "The Land of Oz" in Beech Mountain, North Carolina

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road: eerie abandoned Land of Oz theme park hidden at top of a North Carolina mountain

Eerie photo of the Yellow Brick Road from an abandoned Wizard of Oz theme park in North Carolina. Two cool ideas. One, find the broken down yellow road. Two, that there was a Wizard of Oz theme park.


A falcon nesting in a tree! And for those not car savy, the car in the tree is a ford falcon. Ron Weasley has struck again.