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When that little, nasty alien was born, I screamed inside. When it ran across the floor, I thought I was going to need the bathroom! This whole series of Alien movies is worth watching if you like horror/science fiction.

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'Behind the horror masks' Tim Curry as Pennywise {It}, Doug Bradley as cenobite Pinhead {Hellraiser}, Robert England as Freddie Krueger {Nightmare on Elm Street}, Kane Hodder as Jason Voorhees {Friday there and Tyler Mane as Mike Myers {Halloween}.

aliensandpredators: the-skooma-cat: Alien repro poster by ~TristJones Damn

Alien Repro Movie Poster Print By Tristan Jones Fan Art Geek Art Sci-Fi Fantasy Comic Book

Oh s**t...thats awesome!

Oh shit...

'Some men just want to watch the world burn' Alex Delarge, The Joker, Tyler Durden (A Clockwork Orange,The Dark Knight, Fight Club)


Dawn of the Dead George A. Romero wrote and directed this sequel to his popular Night of the Living Dead, in which survivors of the zombie apocalypse are trapped in a shopping mall.