Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch...that's pretty much as British as it gets, folks.

And I thought that Benedict cumberbatch alone was odd. And Sherlock's full name is William Sherlock Scott Holmes.

Louise Brealey: Since you've all been so nice - apart from the odd man who wanted to fuck me in half - here's Rupert in Una's hat.

WAT? Well in that case slow applause for Andrew. You get brought back from the dead for shizz like that

"so did you know this scene was andrew's audition for moriarty"<- I can honestly say this is probably exactly how that went << do you want more adorable Andrew Scott? He plays this Welsh guy who is just plain adorable!

A headless nun...

[GIF] Sign of Three Spoilers. Archie is what Sherlock should have been. <<< Hello waiter, I did not order feels this early in the morning.--well it's night, but still How fucking dare you? Unprovoked sucker punch right in the feels.


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