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Dalia is my favorite :)

Suburgatory ~ Episode Stills ~ Season Episode Don't Call Me Shirley

i'm sorry i farted into your purse

"Bitch, I don't know your life!" - Baby Mama sorry about the language but this is my favorite quote hahah

Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart

Stephen Colbert and John Stewart-- smart guys are smoking hot :)

Suburgatory.  Can be a little too silly sometimes, but when strip that away, it can be heartwarming.

Cheryl Hines Pampers "Suburgatory" Cast At Launch Party JaneLevy.

No, wait. Dont sue me, thats the opposite of the point im trying to make.  -Michael Scott

Made this in CompArt today… ENJOY

Actually, Penny's apartment should be less expensive because it's a smaller, one-bedroom versus Sheldon and Leonard's much bigger, two-bedroom apartment.

The Big Bang Theory Logic! Waitress - can afford the same apartment as a physicist with a PhD