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He won't bite. That's what I was always told after they bit me. Thoughts of a retired mail carrier. Only 5 times in 35 years of service


Vervet monkeys (Johannes de Wet photos) Vervet monkey family between rain and unseasonably cold summer weather in Skukuza, Kruger National Park, South Africa, January

Monkey - fine picture

Red-shanked Douc Langur is a beautiful monkey native to Southeast Asia listed as an Endangered species. Despite conservation laws in Vietnam, enforcement is hit-and-miss.

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De Brazza's monkey (Cercopithecus neglectus)

Named after explorer Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza, the strikingly beautiful DeBrazza monkey (Cercopithecus Neglectus) is native to Eastern Africa. Members of this old world monkey species spread over a large geographic area, which includes Angola, Cameroon

4H1835: Baby Orangutan                                                                                                                                                                                 More

4H1835: Baby Orangutan

Funny Cheeky Monkey: Smile break image for the classroom brain break.

Don't say a word, woke up on the wrong side of the tree!!

Orangutan baby's bad hair day, reminds me of me when I wake up in the morning!

I'm in need of some serious of relaxation, thank you Cascade Spa!

This cute orangutan baby may need a new hairdresser. He is having a bad hair day today, Will go & make an appointment for u

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Golden snub-nosed monkey - Photo taken by Cyril Ruoso in Zhouzhi National Nature Reserve, China (I don't usually care for monkeys. but this tiny guy is precious.

Dusky Langur mom with baby

Dusky Langur - The dusky leaf monkey, spectacled langur, or spectacled leaf monkey is a species of primate in the Cercopithecidae family. It is found in Malaysia, Burma, and Thailand.

Probiscus monkey

IMPERILED PRIMATES: The peculiar proboscis monkey is just one of the endangered animals unique to mangrove forests.what a nose!