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HD Wallpaper and background photos of L Lawliet for fans of Death Note images.

Death note Comic L and Watari, I really think Watari should just already become L's dad cause he's always taking care of of him and it's really cute

Death note Comic L and Watari. Smol Lawliet and also Watari is like his dad its so cuute


Mi top 3 series anime y mi top 7 películas

This reminds me how much I haven't worn my DeathNote shirt

Inspiración para continuar de los animes: Naruto, Mirai Nikki, Shingeki No Kyojin, Highschool Of The Dead, Death Note, y Deadman Wonderland.

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Quien no quisiera ser el azúcar

NOW THIS is the reason I am still alive and also, children, this is how we hold a spoon properly

L Death Note | informacion L Death Note

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I dont make the rules here yall, he's simply the meaning of perfection

L Lawliet! FROM DEATHNOTE! He's soooo adorableeeeeee *DN* and when he died I was so sad and then they brought in Near and I was like here dye your hair black mini L.