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{More tan but with animal print! This is a great way to add a little bit of leopard/cheetah print without going overboard or becoming distracting.}

Baby Girl Winter Clothes Beautifully Soft and Warm Winter Lined White Baby Girls Clothes. I found these cute babies winter outfits around .

Easy Mothers Day craft for kindergartners

Easy Mothers Day craft for kindergartners

DIY no sew indian costume

I have a SUPER EASY, no sew, DIY Halloween costume tutorial for you guys today. This is best suited for children's costumes, unless you wanted to cut your shirt

Valentine's Day can have a certain girlie feel to it, but with One Charming Party's School Boy Valentines, it's all boy! Print the free download, and get your tot practicing his penmanship as he addresses the robots, dinos, and trucks to his friends. Source: One Charming Party

Super Boy Valentines

I'm totally doing this for my daughters valentine! She'll get a kick outta reading the hearts <3

5 Easy & Fun Valentine's Day Crafts For Kids. Get ready for Valentine's Day with these easy, yet adorable and tasty crafts! Kid-friendly approved, these crafts and treats are sure to brighten up your Valentine's Day!

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Pretty Pin straight from the page! Valentines Day Ideas, Hairstyles, & more PINspiration .


Better than love the Scandinavian Culture is being loved my a Viking! Lucky me ~Jared Andrew Schorr: I've Taken A Viking To You Valentine ~

XO scarf

XO scarf

The Cutest Valentines on the Internet - This Little Home of Mine

The Cutest Valentines on the Internet

Valentine's Day Banner

Some of my favorite DIY Valentine's Day Projects. Heart Garland String a heart garland on a headboard or mantle. To create the garland, .