Oooh this is nice. So simple yet so powerful IMPDO.

Ajiri Tea - Kenyan black tea

Ajiri Tea is an award-winning Kenyan black tea grown and handpicked by small-scale farmers in western Kenya. It is processed at a Rainforest-Alliance certified cooperative factory. The word Ajiri means "to employ" in Swahili

Packaging #48 | Designals

alisonkatecarter: “ Tree of Tea Navarra-Design designed the packaging for Tree of Tea. Their goal was to transfer the content onto the packaging by intergrading the colors of the tea onto the new.

tea branding.

Student Spotlight: Teapot

Nadia Arioui Salinas studied at the School of Art and Design in Valencia, Spain. This packaging design was for her final project and I think its super cool.

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Best Tea Label Designs

The Tea Spot Packagings on Behance / I half like this package. The tortoise made of tea looks too much like a lump of manure. Not pleasing.

Rum cakes. Yum. And the packaging is so pretty, it's good enough to eat.

"Bona Fide" baked goods packaging design concept, by Amy Nortman (via Lovely Package)