Very nice pasta packaging. The cylinder containers clearly show the various types of pasta in an artful way. The very simple design also goes along well with the simplicity of the uncooked pasta with a basic font and plain background. The packaging is simple, yet visually appealing and informative at a glance.

Inspiration graphique #5 : 25 packagings originaux et innovants à découvrir

Colorful coffee packaging.

Coffee bags contains one way degassing valve which keep coffee aroma fresh and intact. We manufacture stock as well as custom printed coffee packaging bags.

paint the inside of a cardboard box...what an easy way to make a present look awesome by angie

spray paint the inside of a box a bright color before sending your gifts! what an awesome fun surprise for one who opens it!

Composants:boite en carton refermable (ouverture frontale) dont la forme et dessins rappellent les cuisinières d’antan.Les cookies sortent comme si on les tirait du four. Ce packaging permet une bonne conservation et se veut écologique car facilement réutilisable.Communication:visuel original qui attire le regard, éveille l’appétit et  souvenirs (odeur de cookies sortis du four).Cible : adultes et les enfants qui pourront s’en servir comme four dans leur jeu d’imitation.

Mod 12 - Cookie Stove Packaging Delicious cookies packaged inside of a cardboard stove. Brilliant packaging designed by Saturday Mfg for Thelma’s Treats.

All the #illustrated coffee #packaging together. Rio Coffee, Single Origins by Voice Design PD

Rio Coffee, Single Origins

2014 pin I think should have been more popular. All the coffee packages together. Rio Coffee, Single Origins by Voice Design PD

Japanese Packaging

Japanese Packaging

Chinese packaging design - A wisp of tea - Art and design inspiration from around the world - CreativeRoots


Nadia Arioui Salinas studied at the School of Art and Design in Valencia, Spain. This packaging design was for her final project and I think its super cool.