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I have this same outfit... wear it a lot

Today I'm wearing a lovely shade of I slept like crap so don't piss me off.basically my look for the last two weeks of the semester


I just got a Cheerio stuck between my toes walking through the kitchen. Clearly my dog isn't doing his part of the chores around here.

If those are my options. I choose yoga pants and couch. #Fridays

Naps are good. "Go big or go home," as if going home were a bad thing. Heck yeah I wanna go home. And I'm gonna take a nap when I get there.

We have all been there, but we like to call it being resourceful. Work smarter not harder, right? #JBC #JenksBeautyCollege

Yesterday’s eyeliner can be todays Smokey eye if you believe in yourself. (This pairs well with the walk of shame)

Or, hey, please put your dishes in the dishwasher, or, hey, please pick up your socks. And the list goes on

Or it's your turn to unload the dishwasher or could you put your dirty socks/underware in the basket. the list is never ending.

There's no in-between when it comes to looking ready vs looking homeless for me!

I either have my hair and makeup done, or I look homeless. There is no in between. :) Ryan still loves me when I look homeless :p

my sister will do this at her own jokes. Then in between laughing she tells us to stop making her laugh.

Laughing so hard, no noise comes out, so you sit there clapping like a retarded seal - lolsotrue

A more adult Adult. ..

When did I become the grown up. That horrifying moment when you're looking for an adult, but you realize you are an adult. So you look around for an older adult. An adultier adult. Someone better at adulting than you.


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That's the difference between a best friend and a friend. In a best friends house you dont talk, move or even speak to each other. A friends house you talk and do "fun" stuff. There is a difference