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Untitled by q... focusing on other media / gstremer | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

It's so odd for me to see this building without the Comic Con International it's interesting that even people who aren't at SDCC still like to photograph the Death Star Cannon interior design design design office

Watertower at 20 Jay Street, Brooklyn.  artist Tom Fruin flipped the switch on his latest installation, a replica of the iconic New York rooftop structure made from 1000 pieces of salvaged plexiglass. Fruin collected the colorful pieces from all over NYC, "from the floors of Chinatown sign shops to the closed Dumbo studio of Artist Dennis Oppenheim to Astoria’s demolition salvage warehouse.

A Mondrian-inspired water tower glows like a jewel along the NYC Skyline. Tom Fruin - plexiglass and steel

Impossible Architecture | Victor Enrich ~ "Fries, Anyone?" ~ A Modernistic McDonald's

Impossible Architecture – The amazing buildings of Victor Enrich

"French fries building" - Victor Enrich is a Spanish photographer who rips all the science from architecture to create surreal and whimsical variations on existing buildings (her the Orchid Hotel of Tel Aviv)

~Avrupa'nın tuhaf mimari yapıları. http://www.mozzarte.com/dekorasyon-mimari/3897/ …

The Crooked House (Sopot, Poland) Construction of the building started in in January 2003 and in December 2003 it was finished. House architecture is based on Jan Marcin Szancer (famous Polish d…

Spain Library Park in Medellin, Colombia. By Giancarlo Mazzanti (Considered one of the most innovative Library designs in the World)

Completed in 2005 in Santo Domingo, Colombia. Images by Sergio Gómez. Background and needs The Project is located on one of the hillsides that have been affected by the violence since the because of the drug.

German Samper Arquitecto moderno colombiano. Esguerra Sáenz y Samper

German Samper Arquitecto moderno colombiano. Esguerra Sáenz y Samper

M3 House by KG / Mount Fuji Architects. Tokyo

M3 House by KG / Mount Fuji Architects. Tokyo