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MAPA Aerovisuales Drone realizados por joanlesan.com

MAPA Aerovisuales Drone realizados por joanlesan.com

This tiny projector turns any wall into a touch screen.

TouchPico Projector Turns Any Wall Into a Touchscreen. Handheld projectors are nothing new, but TouchPico from TouchJet offers a new twist that could be useful: the ability to turn any flat surface into an interactive screen.

Apple iDesk by Adam Benton  Mac|Life imagines a dream collaboration between Apple and Microsoft here with the help of illustrator Adam Benton. This imagined iDesk would make use of Microsoft’s Surface technology and apply it into an Apple-like design package. If this were to ever come to fruition, it would be such an amazing product – a touch screen desk?! Well, like Mac|Life and Adam Benton, we can all dream.

This would be a dream come true. I still remember the very first interactive desk I saw back in Even scribbles on the table will be interactive and editable! Just gotta make it affordable. iDesk, High Tech Bureau for Apple products.

I hope this is helpful when I get a chance to read it because I am CLUELESS when it comes to aperture and fstop !

Photo Essentials in 10: All About Aperture Part 2

Sony Vaio Duo 13 - They corrected a few mistakes from the Duo 11

Please be aware that Sony will soon cease to sell PCs. Sony VAIOs will still be available for a limited time, depending on product availability.

What is a Policy #Envelope and What are They Used For

What is a Policy Envelope and What are They Used For

Ever wonder what is a policy envelope and what makes them different? Find out why the are called policy envelopes and when to use them.

Twitter is a growing social media platform that entertains people through written posts and pictures. People utilize twitter for content marketing because of its popularity, but it is also a social media platform popular with the youth. Many people look for tweets to fulfill their entertainment wishes and sometimes spend countless hours browsing their feed of followers, whether they be friends or celebrities. Many celebrity feuds (Taylor Swift) occur on Twitter, further entertaining the…

3 Simple Steps to Finding More Clients on Twitter

Mozilla’s Do Not Track feature, which allows users to tell websites that they would like to opt-out of being tracked by third parties, is starting to gain some traction among both users and publishers.

Imperial Hipster: Stormtrooper by ~cryssy on deviantART

Items similar to Imperial Hipster Vinyl Sticker (Stormtrooper) on Etsy

Dix accessoires photo pour iPhone - L'Express

Dix accessoires photo pour iPhone