a real cupcake!

Cup cake tea cups - I like this a lot. Reminds me of the tea party scene in Alice in Wonderland where the march hare sliced the teacup in two. Love This!

High Heel cupcakes. This makes me picture what Dorothy would wear on a night out in the real world lol

red high heel cupcake- cute idea for a Wizard of Oz party (LOVE it Sweeney Sweeney Sweeney Nunn ! Now Soph will HAVE to have this themed bday soon ;

Earth day

Earth Cupcakes (Earth Day is April I wonder if I could do this with natural food colors?

A Cup of Cupcakes |

A Cup of Cupcakes


Peppermint Hot Chocolate Cupcakes with Marshmallow Filling Recipe and topped with a white chocolate Swiss meringue buttercream. They are drizzled with peppermint ganache that is made with Hershey’s Candy Cane Kisses

Kinder-Schoko-Bon-Cupcakes auf der Seite sind noch viele andere cupcakes

Kinder-Schoko-Bon-Cupcakes Kinder-Schocko-Bons are incredibly yummy German chocolate treats

Thee ? taartje erbij ?

Funny pictures about Hot chocolate cup cake. Oh, and cool pics about Hot chocolate cup cake. Also, Hot chocolate cup cake photos.

S’mores Coffee Cup Cupcakes

Cupcake Coffee Cups, what a fun and cute idea! Everyone would think I& drinking coffee then I turn around and eat my cupcake!

Yarn Ball Cupcakes via- EAT

Yarn Ball Cupcakes

Yarn Ball Cupcakes - could use Mikado sticks and jelly tots for knitting needles



Can't go wrong with some designer handbag cupcakes . cheaper than buying a new handbag anyway ;-) <<< I need these cupcakes in my life!

Beer Mug Cupcakes

Beer Mug Cupcakes w/ Baileys Filling! You could easily turn these into root beer float cupcakes!

Rainbow frosting. Just put food coloring on the inside of the pipe, then add the white frosting & pipe away! So simple!

How To Make & Pipe Rainbow Frosting

"Rainbow Cupcake Frosting" Could be done on rainbow cupcakes. This looks yummy as well as pretty. I'm not a big fan of sweets, and I have little to no fondness for chocolate cupcakes, but I totally want to eat that.