Postmammal in Layout / Editorial

brochure layout - image trace images....

simple layout // editorial // Business Brochure Vol. 01 by Danijel Mokic


-- 3 level sof text with oversized title, subtitle, text (Visual identity for Institutional folder, Semesp: Casa Rex)

Marcel Duchamp Editorial by Francisco Andriani, via Behance

nice layout design - Marcel Duchamp Editorial by Francisco Andriani

layout looking at different examples of some group of ideas, people, things, etc

How could this layout be modified for a story about administrators, faculty, kitchen staff, student council, coaches?

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still into duotone // Urban Love editorial design

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noEqAYCJNPk.jpg (380×540)

love the quote within the black quote mark.

magazine design: MediaTrends by The Design Surgery , via Behance

magazine design: MediaTrends by The Design Surgery, via Behance.

Worlds Fair 2020 Advertisements #infographics

Worlds Fair 2020 Advertisements Good idea, B&W aerial/focal with Project Title in White, Bebas