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Oh god just no Sehun no..

Oh God, SM needs to get this kid another bodyguard just in case

O________O #ohhhhh....chen you're in trouble.....

Look at Junma though XD "Son OMG we talked about thiss arghh the manager hyungs will kill me !

#Chen - Google+

He does kinda act completely different from on stage to off stage

Oww,that is seriously a perfect description for Exo Family

Hahaha don't forget his Hyungs in the crowd cheering him on like a bunch of hooligans. Especially the beagle line, you can just imagine them standing on top of their seats.

Lay and Tao had the funniest mispronounciations

Lay and Tao had the funniest mispronounciations

No. Srsly. Why are you in there? :/ #Chen #EXO #EXO-M

In the description of his picture it says he squizzed his way onto the one direction fan page? CHEN WTF that's so random!

Let the season begin!!!!  #ChristmasWithEXO <--- i shouldn`t find it so funny

Sehun is bias wrecking me so hard im being unloyal as heck to Chen

Hi sehun here is your mommy daddy is at work but i love you too baby

Well, Luhan left a while ago, so I don't know how you are gonna get him back.


Thoughtful Kris

Oh my gosh Kris. I find myself slowly falling for this guy.