Jamse Jamse by Alejandro Olávarri Pons

Paint a stripe of chalkboard paint on all my mason jars. And be super easy to find my ingredients.

best ideas for jam labels - Google Search

don't make jelly/jam but I know some people who do, this might be a good gift idea for them so they can label theirs.

news paper wine wrapping

BRND NWS Wine Packaging - There is a way to make newspaper work as chic wrapping paper and a way to make it look a little too scrappy. The former is achieved in BRND NWS win.

The Ultimate Peanut Butter and Jelly | Big Spoon Roasters | Emily Gs | Bourbon & Boots

Peanut Pecan Butter: The quintessential Southern nut butter combines the rich, buttery sweetness of roasted pecans with peanuts slow-roasted to a deep amber. The hints of sea salt and honey round out (Peanut Butter Packaging)


Gourmet Peanut Butter – Chocolate Swirl and Banana Peanut Butter with Caramel Swirl.

I would buy just for the packaging

Diseño y creatividad en el packaging

Babees honey packaging by Ah & Oh Studio. What sweet little jars! The tags are a perfect detail that in my mind that imitate little bee wings.

10 16 13 jam preserve waitrose

20 Creative Jam and Preserves Packaging

14 Examples Of Fantastic Packaging Design From The 60s And 70s -- These weren't actual generic products, but were a part of an advertorial concept by Champion Papers.

14 Examples Of Fantastic Packaging Design From The '60s And '70s

Champion Papers produced this colourful packaging designs in 1968 to promote their papers. The packaging was a simple & brightly colored lab.

Tava Organics — The Dieline - Package Design Resource Nice clean design. Easy to distinguish each flavour.

Tava Organics

Tava Organics is an artisan producer of organic ghee, or clarified butter. Miller was tasked with creating Tava’s branding and packaging design.

Unique Pencil Packaging by Switzerland Artist, Kevin Angeloni

Gris 12 - student package design for a pencil set. Pencils are placed in test tubes and topped with a cork that labels the lead type (H, etc)