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diyshow in Madrid

Twine Dispenser  Keep unruly balls of twine in line with big aluminum funnels, which serve as organizers and dispensers.  Hammer a nail through each funnel near the top lip, attaching it to the wall of a shed or back of a door. Place a ball of twine or string in each one; run the ends out the spouts.-- this would be great for ribbon when wrapping presents!

Garage and Shed Organizing Ideas

Yes, I said funnels for yarn/twine/more twine! Yes, I said funnels for yarn/twine/more twine! Ivory Bird: Craft Room Storage Ideas was last…

Hooking on Madrid's Metro: Small Chunky Crochet Nesting Basket Pattern

Hi guys! As a Christmas gift, I am working on some nesting baskets based on the pattern provided by Liz at Crochet in Color. You can find he.