Almost there. / Jorey Hurley

Dog Swimming with Tennis Ball. March - really want one of these but with a yellow lab

Yesterday I fell in love with a cute little seal I spotted online. Then I discovered illustrator Jorey Hurley makes many more imagery to fall in love with. Have a peek on the site for more!

Jorey Hurley

Fine Art Print.  Herons at the Beach.  November 6, 2014.

Fine Art Print. Herons at the Beach. November 6, 2014

lazy cat

nice concept- cat lying on bed illustration - cat illustration - simple cat illustration - cat drawing - Pavel Pichugin

WAKE by phildesignart

WAKE - via Phil Jones. This perfectly combines my love for all things stripe and all things boat. The blue sends me overboard. this picture is very creative and leaves you thinking about what the boat is really traveling through.

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