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En algún punto tuvo un especial llamado Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe.

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Suicide Squad Version

Suicide Squad from Comic Book Series to a animated Movie (Batman: Assault on Arkham) to TV Series and finally to a Movie!

Blue-married, Blue dots-Dated, Red-Offspring, Yellow dots-Clone, Green-Other relation, Purple dots-Nemisis

found on GeekoSystem: an annotated X-Men Family Tree. but even though I've read a lot of Marvel comics, this is still a bit confusing by priscilla

deadpool stabs dark avengers hawkeye

Hawkeye here is really the super-villain Bullseye. When Norman Osborn took over as the head global peace keeper, he created his own Dark Avengers and filled it with super villains parading as famous heroes. – Deadpool Vol.

Except Batman didn't kill anyone. He snuck into their house while they were still there and no one even noticed. POINT DC!!!

Because he's Deadpool

Btw deadpan literally killed the whole marvel universe barely breaking a sweat.

I <3 Deadpool and how he just acknowledges the fact he's a fictional character. There is, like, no fourth wall in Deadpool comics.

There has been very little Deadpool lately.

Deadpool might be my favorite individual comic book character of all time. Deadpool's primary trait is that he is completely and utterly insane; he runs his mouth constantly, has internal monologues with two separate personalities (White and Yellow Box),

PFFFFFFT they aren't issues.... they're... um.... well yeah maybe they are issues... BUT STILL.

I pinned this pin because it represents comics. I really like comics and how each picture reprensents an event. Did you know I made my own comic strip for the school newspaper? So as you may see, I extremly enjoy comics.

Wow........ Wow Deadpool.... by superhero_facts_daily

I believe this was during the marvel series "Deadpool Kills the MarvelUniverse"

deadpool infographic

Everything You Need to Know About Deadpool Infographic