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“Silent” Photography by Oliver Meyer / Stylist: Sayuri Bloom / Model: Sarah / Hair & Makeup: Nathalie Nati

1512483_588174147904183_677515512_n.jpg 640×960 pixels Photographer: Aili Jian Hair: Jeru Weaver Makeup: Nikki Feng Designer: Lacey Bannister (Straight-Laced Boutique) Model: Michelle Grey Performing Artist

Designer: Lacey Bannister of Straight-laced Boutique Photographer: Aili Jian Model: Michelle Grey Hair: Jeru Weaver Makeup: Nikki Feng

Summon the demons, II

Maybe a bit too much fun with Photoshop here - my friend's hair and dress aren't quite that long in real life, nor does she have magical powers of summoning light beams, but small quibbles.

The Briar Rose.  Kristy Mitchell.  She may be my new second favorite (second to Tim Walker, of course)

My Bohemian Childhood ~ Myths, Fables and Fairytales My favorite book as a little girl was an old, worn collection of Grimm’s Fairy Tales. I spent hours reading those stories over and over again and.

je tiens à vous habiller en robe à la française — oliviatheelf:   Turid by LydiaHansen

Model: Turið Elinborgardóttir MUA/Hair: Rannveig Gregersen Hansen Flower Crown: Tóra Hansen - Akkuleya Dress: OneofOne by Maibritt Kokholm Photographer: Lydia Hansen

The Majestic Witch

Photographer/Shrug: Rachel Mitchell Designer: Cindy Henry Headpiece: Monstruosite by Dolly Donshey from Dress Shoot Rentals Hair/Makeup: Allie Leahy Model: Grace Baldetti

Taurus is the second zodiac sign in the zodiacs, and is known for their stubbornness, determination, and responsibility. Which Taurus are you most like?

Which Famous Taurus Are You Most Like?

DEVIL In Mesopotamian mythology Mamitu was the (sometimes) goat-headed Goddess of Destiny, who decreed the fate of the new-borns. She was also worshipped as Goddess of the Oath, later a Goddess of Fate and a Judge in the Underworld.


Succession by Shannell Assem (Medieval Young Adult) In the kingdom of Dortchtown, inheritance is the only way to rise to the top. Being the firstborn and only female child of the Ansgot family, Princess Layla must go against the people who want her crown.

Andrey Yakovlev Photography | Project Fairytale

sensional photography - This series by Lili and Andrey called Tropicana Water is another sample of work by the very talented and gifted pair of photographers.