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Tudanca runderen worden langs de weg verweid - Cantabria

Tudanca runderen worden langs de weg verweid - Cantabria

Google Afbeeldingen resultaat voor http://www.rtvhk.nl/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/koeien-op-een-rij.jpg

Cows in a Dutch landscape. I'm always a sucker for cow pictures.

Extremely muscular cattle are the result of genetic mutation and decades of…

“Today is Cow Appreciation Day! We're utterly grateful for all that cows provide us!

Village Naturals Bath Shoppe Milk Bath Bubble Bath contains milk protein which is rich in antioxidants and can help repair unhealthy skin by encouraging the development of new, healthy cells.

awkwardandvegan: “bb-shine: “ Cows smelling flowers ” Cows are so beautiful omg ”

Let's see we had Daisy, Bo, Missy, Suzie, Brownie, Cally(however you spell it), Lucy, Maggie, Lizzie, and who else???

LIZ TODD: Of course farmers name their cows! Just not after their wives

Digestive gases from cows turned into fuel. Argentine scientists have found a way to transform the gas created by the bovine digestive system into fuel.

Scottish Highlander-if you're going to be a cow, you might as well look cool doing it! Love these critters!

I REALLY want one of these cows! Highland Cattle: This animal looks so kind and gentle. A very nice Black and White photo! (I've always wanted a Highland Cow Since I Was A Lil' Kid.But I also wanted to live on a farm!