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She's birthday is February She loves drawing people around her in anime style but loves drawing everything realistically too. She wants to be an animator when she grows up.

This is Mac. She is super sweet and she loves to snowboard. She had to quit because she broker her leg. It is healing and she needs a forever home to stay in.

Read Personajes from the story Diosas y mortales(Jelsa,mericcup,kristanna y eugenzel) by dreams_of_crystal (Mrs. jelsa, mericcup, r.

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I am Elsa's little sister i am 15 i love selfies hair and makeup i play piano and i would really like a home with my sister!

This is Elsie she is 12 and likes a lot of stuff. She is from California. She went on the Disney cruise or 1 year and then there was a tornado and the boat fell over and then she was the only one that is missing. Please adopt and find her first.

Name: Sarah age: 11 Description: Sarah is 13 and loves animals. She has a pet chameleon named Dodger and 53 dogs. She loves to do hair too!

Frozen~ different Elsas -- yay in pinterest form now

The creators chose Elsa out if all of these other ones that were contenders for Frozens Elsa

Name: Danielle Age: 15 Personality:Fun loves techy stuff PLEASE ADOPT

She is 17 years old. She loves shopping at the mall with her best friend Bailey. She also loves to take mirror selfies. She is so nice and sweet. Please adopt Esie!

Disney Princesses if they aged with the movie

Disney Princesses if they aged with the movie

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Name: Carol Age: 16 Carol likes dancing, clothes, and peace signs. She also loves her world peace group she's in.