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You see. . .What I see....  Living a poetic life

there is nothing more beautiful than looking through the ground glass of a large format camera

That beautiful smile of yours-people need to see it.  Decide that when you leave these people of your past will remember the light, love, and warmth you brought them.  That is the art of moving- to move on only after having given living there all you had.

light summer rain cooling the day, tap dancing, whirling rings of water and the bloop bloop bloop of fish kissing the surface . the simple things in life are the best

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What a beautiful field camera. (Apparently – with thanks to Iain Claridge – it’s an Ebony large format camera).

9. Technology I couldn’t live without #EsuranceDreamRoadTrip.

I absolutely love working with this kind of viewfinder. Reminds me of studying photography in college. Raw image right before you.


Photo by Henri Cartier-Bresson, Madrid, Spain, the priest steps up to bring the Blessed Sacrament to an ill person during a procession (near the Puerta del Sol) accompanied by military music

Avenue in the snow. Empire State Building in background. Vintage NYC b&w photo.

Leica M4P with Voigtlander 21mm f4 lens and viewfinder, Voigtlander VCII meter

Camera Leica with Voigtlander lens and viewfinder, Voigtlander VCII meter // I also note a upgraded trigger button

blue blue blue

Idea for self portrait. Already taken picture amongst a different background. Inspiration for a set, a room filled with photographs of the sky?