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// Patrizia Conde

STYLE: i did my best did you do your best at the time with the resources you had? then kiss that whole self-doubt thing goodbye. wear these custom socks by working girls with our favorite mantra retro kitsch advertising photo art , roller skates and

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DATE: Takes a little dinero, and rinks are harder to find sometimes, but roller skating can be hilarious fun. But UGH you might have to kiss her all better if she falls down, now wouldn't that be a tragedy.

Goth or Girly..or both <- This is why Pastel Goth is a thing. It's for all of us who just can't pick.

Goth or Girly.or both <- This is why Pastel Goth is a thing.< um, girly doesny mean we all have to like pastel, pabo 😜

Rollers léopards et rose

Les Moxi Lolly Roller Skates

Wanted to be a competitive racer, but mom wouldn't let me.  Just as well, some of those gals were really tough.  Fun to watch!

Chicago Roller Derby advertising matchbook- went to it in Philadelphia

Those skates were the best! ( Until you came to a break in the concrete.)

i actually remember these awesome Fisher price grow- with- you roller skates :)