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keep talking

Today I start my new weight lifting routine. That means: lift more weight for less time, also I add to my diet an additional 700 cal because I have to build my muscles with my food, and I need it to gain mass.

Working at it. 1 pound at a time.

The only number that would ever be enough is Zero pounds, zero life, size zero, double-zero, zero point. Zero in tennis is love.

Think how far you have come and how far you will be tomorrow :)

Keep going! Think about how far you've come today and how much farther you'll go tomorrow.


"The myth that women shouldn't lift heavy is only perpetuated by women who fear work and men who fear women" - source unknown- this is so true

A no fuss workout to do before bed so you can rest right after. Change it to suit you. Not intense. As long as you do this most nights you should be well on your way to a flat stomach!

So true

Fitness Quotes : Illustration Description Get through your workout… Stick to your weight loss plan… In the end, it will all pay off! ology-results “Sweat is fat crying“ !

Body vs Mind

"You have to make the mind run the body. The body is never tired if the mind is not tired.

This one bitch-slapped me.

"It's not that some people have willpower and some don't. It's that some people are ready to change and others are not." - James Gordon - so true

Junk food is a temporary fix. Don't you want to feel good all the time? Eat healthy! #inspiration #thin

Junk food that you've been craving for an hour or the body you've wanted for years? It's your choice! Please reshare

I used the towel to wipe the sweat and have lost 55lbs so far.  I am only 5 lbs from reaching my goal.  The 90 Day Health Challenge is the best thing I have done for myself.  Check it out at www.deanpeak.bodybyvi.com and see how it can help you reach your health goals!

You have a choice. You can throw in the towel or you can use it to wipe the sweat off your face.

That's right!! #deadlifts #squats #lifting

I like my weights heavy and my squats down low quotes quote fitness weights workout motivation exercise motivate fitness quote fitness quotes workout quote workout quotes exercise quotes squats

Do you want to particapte in a Spartan Race? Check out more details on this exciting and inspiring intro offer to the six-week program designed to get you in the shape you need to be to knock a physically demanding item off your bucket list! http://fitnesstogetherlynnfield.com #fitness #active #fun

Instead of giving myself reasons why I can't . I give myself reasons why I can. (This is an awesome attitude to have to motivate yourself to workout!