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Leave a little sparkle wherever you go - beauty quote.My wish for you is that you'll always be covered in glitter and wearing fabulous crowns, so everyone you meet will see your "sparkle" on the inside!

life is a party #NMREVOLUTION

Glitter- love this effect / look of glitter and using it somehow.maybe eventually just in packaging, etc.but I like that if references "sparkly" which is what my customers, and I love about my designs.the sparkle of the stones.

Photo http://enviarpostales.net/imagenes/photo-286/ love quotes for her love quotes for girlfriend inspirational love quotes

And then my soul saw you and it kind of went,."Oh,there you are.I've been looking for you.all my life.Your the one I wanna marry.my first and last husband.My man.L.

After looking through hundreds of sparkly pins, I realized I really like glitter. A lot.

After looking through hundreds of sparkly pins, I realized I really like glitter.

I only had my name in once, I was positive i wouldn't get picked. One other girl had her name in 32 times! I told my mother, father, and sister that I would try to win. If I didn't live there would be nothing we could do about it. I just tried to hold back the tears, although I was totally breaking down inside.

Glitter / Falling Gold Sparkles: Having a ho hum day? Power on your screen to reveal sparkling gold glitter that'll give your afternoon slump the right dose of fabulous.

I'd be the one flying off on an adventure. ;) #BeUnique

I notice that one bird because if everyone is doing it it probably ain't the best thing especially if its easy. That bird is my hero!

Las Cositas de Beach & eau: A falta de CALOR....necesito COLOR

Motivational Success Quote: "Never let life impede on your ability to manifest your dreams.