Relation between User Experience, Customer Experience and Brand Experience

A way of looking at the relationship between User, Consumer, and Brand experiences, and how they relate to form a Experience Circle made of up of millions of customer touch points.

My_UX_experience - interesting way to show the experience.

Get Started in UX: The Complete Guide to Launching a Career in User Experience Design - Helpful Concise advice + diagrams at UX Matters

10 of the Best UX Infographics - The Usabilla Blog

Frustrated with confusing, unorganized, complex, or antiquated antiquated user experience models, a designer at The Nerdery created the CUBI model.

Preview for UX Activities and Documents. If you're a user experience professional, listen to The UX Blog Podcast on iTunes.

A stencil of UX activities and documents to illustrate the work that designers and researchers do. [originally created by Todd Zazelenchuk (Plantronics) and Elizabeth Boling (Indiana Univ)]

Customer Journey Maps – A ‘Quick And Dirty’ Technique To Create Them

Customer Journey Maps illustrate the journey user go through when interacting with a product/service. This article explains a Customer Journey Map technique

User Experience (UX) Design vs. Service Design

Service Design & UX Design; Po-tay-to/Po-tar-to or as umami is to salty*

The User Experience Wheel with value as the main goal - by User Experience Architect Magnus Revang

The User Experience Wheel I have used this model for some time now, time to reveal it to the critical eyes of fellow practitioners. It is a model that tries to explain “what is user experience?