Scary ... weird creature. Very rare elbow squid

That bizarre thing above is called the Magnapinna squid (filmed earlier this year deep in the Gulf of Mexico), and it’s one of several unusual creatures that Michael Hearst wants to write a book and make a record about for his Songs for Unusu…

Squid species 'Promachoteuthis sulcus' seems to possess teeth, which are actually "lips" that protect the animal's beak (jaws). Only a small specimen of this species was found in the South Atlantic, at a depth of around 6,600 ft, and there are not much information about this animal.    Photo: Richard E. Young

Squid With Human Teeth

Promachoteuthis sulcus, a bizarre creature. As you can see, this thing has human looking teeth. It’s a species of promachoteuthid squid and only one specimen has been found to date. It was captured in the Southern Atlantic Ocean at a depth of

Joubiniteuthis portieri.jpg

Joubiniteuthis portieri I don't think squid ever get more slim and dainty than this. We're looking at catwalk material here!

Flying Squid Are Actually Real  Lazer Horse

The Japanese Flying Squid is proven to launch out of the water and “fly” for up to 3 seconds, sometimes traveling a distance of 30 meters. Scientists think they do this to escape from predators, just like flying fish.

Vampire squid | Deep-Sea Creature Photos -- National Geographic

Real Vampires found in Nature? The Vampire Squid is found in the dark ocean depths around feet. This mysterious deep sea creature is a member of th.

A bobtail squid (Euprymna scolopes) digging in the sand to cover its body, leaving only its eyes exposed. Photo by Nick Hobgood

Bobtail squid shown exhibiting defensive behavior by digging in the sand to cover its body, leaving only its eyes exposed. This is so awwdorable.

Cock-eyed jewel-squid | The Abyss

Cock-eyed jewel-squid | The Abyss