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Sobre los influencers y la influencia. 31.01.16

Sobre los influencers y la influencia. 31.01.16

Los elementos de la innovación corporativa #innovación #motivación

Finally the Greatest Real Estate Minds on the Planet Reveal the Truth about Success in Real Estate - Epic Real Estate Investing

Darkest Color In The World - Anish Kapoor Vantablack

Behold, The World's Darkest Color

La industria farmacéutica: "sin lucro no hay investigación". Gilles Godinat · · · · ·

Roberto-Fabelo Roberto Fabelo (born 1951 Camagüey, Cuba) is a contemporary Cuban artist.

El fin de los despachos. 26/02/17

More and more companies seem to be coming round to the idea of the ​​open office, although there is still criticism to be found in some…

His Master's Voice (1898) by Francis Barraud.  Jack Russell Terrier

His Master's Voice In England, artist Francis Barraud painted his brother's dog Nipper listening to the horn of an early phonograph during the winter of Victor Talking Machine Company began using the symbol in and Nipper joined the RCA family in

Trump y los tiempos oscuros. 11/11/16

So Many Options, Yet Donald Trump Picks the Ugly. Too many smart, experienced Republicans are being stiffed in favor of men with reputations for hate.

(Neal) Stephenson may be highly regarded, but his Tall Tower project only came about as a consequence of being criticised.  At an event in 2011, a university chief accused the author and other science-fiction writers of failing to pull their weight because they had not come up with big ideas to inspire researchers in the way Arthur C Clarke and Jules Verne had done earlier.

Neal Stephenson reaches for the sky

Science-fiction author Neal Stephenson and Arizona State University are developing a concept for a skyscraper that could launch rockets.