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Kyudo or Kyūdō (弓道) ("way of the bow") is a modern Japanese martial art (gendai budō); kyudo practitioners are referred to as kyudoka (弓道家). Kyudo is based on kyūjutsu (art of archery), which originated with the samurai class of feudal Japan.

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日本の弓道女子が美しすぎる! 海外の反応。

Japanese archery experts demonstrate their skills at Kapiolani Community College's Annual International Festival, March

Kimono This photograph would make a beautiful painting idea <3<3<3

"Tomesode and obi - the nape of a woman's neck is considered very sensual and beautiful in the Japanese culture. Kimonos are designed to draw attention to the neck with upswept hair. Noted for costume design.

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Kyudo: 弓道 is Japanese styled Archery. One of the Samurai quality. *** The real beauty and art in archery!

Reminds of Artemis the Greek goddess of the hunt, minus the modern bow and Native American dream catcher

Yeah, cause whenever I go hunting in the woods I want to where a white and light green dress.