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I wish I had someone to do this for me

●●fuzz sez: In other words--be nice!●● or reals, people. Personally, I have trust issues for some of these but if people would help share my responsibilities then I would cry less lol

Or this person's just really high. Either way, cool concept XD

That's funny because my favorite place to be is forests and my least favorite is in the ocean Me: YUSSSS

I wish this was funnier, but it is too true to be funny. Sigh.

The unbelievable truth. I wonder if any articles link conservative attitudes to sociopaths.


Amazing Life Hacks…

Funny pictures about Amazing Life Hacks. Oh, and cool pics about Amazing Life Hacks. Also, Amazing Life Hacks.


This app is pretty clunky but I LOVE the idea! The Aspire News app. an app disguised as a news app that can give women in abusive relationships access to domestic violence resources. For free.

Haha!! This would've been useful to know about a week ago ;)

False numbers are usually safer to give out to a creep than to outright reject them if you're feeling unsafe, so.