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I need feminism because... Part 1

Vindictive women definition essay A Vindication of the Rights of Woman study guide contains a biography of Mary Wollstonecraft, literature essays, a complete e-text, quiz questions, major themes.

High school/college

This is so true it makes me sick just thinking about having to go back to hell (school) tomarrow

Shit, that is if I have kids. I'm going to be the parent mine never were. I'll have actual bonds with my kids, them knowing they can tell me any and everything.

This Guy’s Response Is So Accurate It Hurts

This Guy’s Response Is So Accurate It Hurts

The education system is flawed in so many ways. Open your eyes, they all have a stick up their asses about how things are going to be, and if you don't do it their way you will be attacked for it.

That’s how privilege fucking works. Women, gay people, black people, trans people, Muslims, every single minority in the United States—they’re the little sisters getting beat up by your fellow upperclassmen. You don’t make it their responsibility. YOU TAKE IT UPON YOURSELF TO HELP THEM. http://pablets.tumblr.com/post/154913744373

A lot of majorities need to stop denying things that their own fellow upperclassmen do every single day.

Also messing with people like in Children of Dune when they are having a bland verbal conversation while also having a silent, much more important sign language conversation.

I'm not an atheist but I like the meaning of not being a jerk about beliefs

I'm not religious, but it's not that I hate religion(s) entirely. I just hate people who are assholes about it.<I won’t shit on your religion if you’re not an asshole with it

Be my friend o.o

one of these things kinda happened. my crush/ unofficial bae kissed me on the cheek > happy for yyouu

i need to print this out so i can look at it every morning and realize my problems aren't so bad that i need to actually die to "solve" them

i need to print this out so i can look at it every morning and realize my problems aren't so bad that i need to actually die to "solve" them

Wow what a concept!

Truuuuue plz, women are aloud to enjoy sex.If a man enjoys sex, he's "a real man", but when a woman does, she's a whore.

"If a guy was walking around a sketchy neighborhood, flashing $100 bills, he shouldn't expect to get mugged??" YES. Like, jesus fucking christ, I can't believe that common decency, morals + values, and human restraint just fly out the window as soon as it comes to rape. You KNOW that it's wrong. There are laws in place specifically telling you NOT to do it because there WILL be consequences. How the fuck is this even a debate??

Just bc the male gaze is ever present and women are sexually objectified does not mean that our agency is erased in situations of assault.

I never understood why a lot of women get called hoes and tricks for working at a strip club, but it's nothing if a man is watching them...

Reminds me of a similar quote: if you masturbate to lesbian porn, you are forever banned from denying equal rights to lesbians or any other member of the LGBT community. People are such hypocrites.