Have a Merry demigodly Christmas!!! I will never get tired of the Percy Jackson and his buds( friends).

Have a Merry demigodly Christmas! I will never get tired of the Percy Jackson series

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The Percy Jackson Pledge I also promise to remember Bob the Titan when I looked at the stars and sun I also promise to forever not only to Remember the PJO series but also THO series, TOA series and all the others with demigods in it .


Percy know's what's up. Although I did expect one of those answers that would make Piper fangirl and Leo add another point to the "Reasons why Percy is a better boyfriend than you" tally Percabeth Jasper Frazel Caleo

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What the Percy Jackson Characters Taught me~ Rick Riordan is a great teacher. Books and Reading--Jason taught me staplers are dangerous.

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I think Frank is the best hashtags' user in the seven XD comment below and I will try to answer ur quastion I do askthedemigods now too!

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Percy Jackson Quotes, probably one of my favorite quotes. Chinese Canadian Baby Man Most accurate description of pre-HoH Frank