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Animal rights

We have enslaved the rest of the animal creation, and have treated our distant cousins in fur and feathers so badly that beyond doubt, if they were able to formulate a religion, they would depict the Devil in human form - William Ralph Inge

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Rescue Dog: A dog rescues his injured friend risking his own life and drags it out of trafffic. Dogs are the best friend to each other. so heart breaking.

I would do it too

Faith in humanity restored. Not for that dogs owner, because honestly who would leave their dog outside in that cold weather? But faith for the random stranger that cared about the dog in the freezing temps

"Freedom is a born right. You have no right over an animals body in the same way you have no right over a humans body. You are not above them. We are all earthlings."

"Freedom is a born right. You have no right over an animals body in the same way you have no right over a humans body. You are not above them. We are all earthlings."

Tear warning, but its so sweet and sad.

LOL. Look at this

My dog died of cancer 2 weeks ago; my cat misses him. This story is heartbreaking, but it's true love at it's highest. Wow sad an beautiful what a great story animals are truly amazing. (After reading this sweet beautiful story, I can't stop crying***)

I rescued a golden retriever this past summer who was just hanging out in the wilds of Atlanta.

The wonderful story of Bran. Made me tear up! Such a handsome dog and a beautiful story that makes me happy that there are good people in this world.

So true! Poor thing chained up like that. People should be ashamed

This makes me so sad! I wish people would treat animals like they would another person.

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STOP THIS CRUELTY! take the extra time and thought to find that natural human love in hour heart to save these animals

♔ Animal Rights Be vegan. Take a stand against violent injustice to animals. Learn reverence for life.

Did You Know that Some Shelters in Canada ‘Euthanize’ Dogs and Cats in a Gas Chamber? Ban the Use of Gas Chambers in Canada!   Sadly, when it comes to animal rights, Canada may not be quite as civilized a place as you might have thought. Gas Chamber Use - Why We Must NOT Remain Silent on This Issue…

Please, help ban gas chamber "shelters". For those who don't know, gas chambers are sealed cages that have poisonous gas coming in. And "shelters" do this to innocent animals! THIS NEEDS TO STOP!

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Please, spay and neuter your pets...and if you're wanting to add a dog or cat to your family, please, please, adopt.  These animals have so much love to give. ❤

Tugs at my heart.please adopt shelter dogs and make them smile. I have three. They are the most, loving dogs. They know you saved them. Please don't buy dogs.Save them from shelters. This is sad. I'm glad I saved my 4 month old puppy max. its so sad.

Show your true strength

kitty flood survivor - pray for people and animals who are hurt by floods!