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(galaxy colors pencil)

This will look much better in the final painting. I'm always impressed all over again by the brilliant design of these guys. Artoo and Threepio

Watercolor Yoda...

Yoda Watercolor Study by David Kraig, via Behance. I love working with water color

Some lightsabers and other weapons of The Star Wars Universe.

Strengths Finder, True Colors, and MBTI: Developing the Language of Leadership

Star Wars Myers Briggs Personality Types: I'm an INFP, which is represented by Luke Skywalker.

Enjoy Coca-Cola

Coca Cola appealing to the star wars geeks and kids. Brand association with Hollywood, Scifi and Lego for children all in one image.

A artista francesa Arian Noveir pintou lindas imagens dos personagens de Star Wars usando a técnica splatter que deixa a tela com um aspecto incrível.

Arian Noveir - Paint Splatter Star Wars Arian Noveir strikes back ! After having paint splatted some awesome Marvel icons, here he goes again with the Star Wars main characters ! Really cool stuff, as.

This is awesome Star Wars stain glass window Lucas arts Disney is trying to buy out the world

Turkish rip-off Star Wars action figures such as the shield-baring "Head Man" are gloriously awful. You can see more of these marvelously shitty toys at the Star Wars Collectors Archive.

Turkish Star Wars action figures are gloriously awful

Only in Turkey could you find my favorite underrated STARSWAR figure: Head Man! May the Fourth be with you!