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14 de febrero
♐Yeah then I usually ask what you mean right after...
How the signs drink water while in bed  #Zodiac
Wow hit on all three                                                                                                                                                                                 More
mine makes me think of my bday when me and 3 friends slept on my trampoline & they kept screaming bc it was dark & EVERYTIME they'd do that, I'd like smack them & say shh old lady sleeping bc my neighbors were probably asleep / tragic attempt of a storytime brought to you by zoey :)
Aries: Most to Least likely to Win a Debate (Does NOT back down)
Signs as D.C. and Marvel character. And I relate to Batman so much. #capricorn
You are beautiful, no matter what they say.
Change Zodiac Sign Cancer to Cancer Free! Zodiac signs as demons, angels, satan, or god