Cool Teen Fashion Looks For Boys  (17)

100 Cool Teen Fashion Looks For Boys

The hair and flannel are nice. Oh, and the guy in the flannel. He's alright, too.

A tribute to the incredible male model Ben Bowers. I do not claim any of the photos to be my own.

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How to be cuffed in public and have no-one suspect a thing. A collar would be a little more challenging…

David Henry

Okay, so I used to have a huge crush on David Henrie when he was on Wizards of Waverly Place. Let me just tell you, some things never


Johny DePP, I found this on geek and who ever pined it put, johnny Deep. But mr. DePP why not stop smoking, Mr.

"Sup. I'm Zack. I can be a jerk sometimes but I'm a good daddy. Come on you sexy little girl."

Dopóki ktoś nas kocha, nieważne, kim jesteśmy i jak wyglądamy.

Hi I'm dylan💀 .I'm often rude .I don't want anything serious as I'm just into partying, hookups, I'm a bit of a jerk I guess, and I'm really a fan of soccer

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Sean O'Donnell

Currently sitting on my fire escape listening to some jazz, not the worst night.