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James Utley, Keith Jernigan, Aubree Barnett, Zack Gulliani and Jordan Bell

Student Spotlight: Ipswich Brewing Co.

///// Root Beer concept for the fictional "Ipswich Brewing Company", for college project (Jordan Bell, James Utley, Keith Jernigan, Aubrie Barrnett and Zack Gulliani). See other designs by the group by clicking the image.

Useful complexity in the label.  At a distance it is complex; up close every item useful.  In aggregate a comfortable amount of information and line embelleshing detail to impart elevated sense of quality, craftsmen era product.

"Heritage is a brand of single barrel bourbon whiskey who’s packaging reflects the age-old process of true whisky making.

root beer

Student Spotlight: Ipswich Brewing Co.

For their final project in Persuasive Graphics at Abilene Christian University, students James Utley, Keith Jernigan, Aubree Barnett, Zack Gulliani and Jordan Bell created a root beer company.

Text & style for logo? Maple Syrup, distilled from the finest sap of the sugar maples of Sugar Creek, Wisconsin

:: PACKAGING :: Jonah + the Whale, Love seeing a pin featuring the work @Talia Cohen, another talented creative based out Vancouver and lucky us also a Koret neighbour.  Check out who has recently been featured @Cargoh @Anna Vignale @Jocelyn Fortier @Evan Haveman @Jonathan Cruz

Jonah + The Whale

Jonah + the whale premium vodka. This one is just a shame. To take such an elegant bottle and put those lame, childish illustrations of whales on it. …I just think this could have been crafted so much better for a premium product.

Oronoco Rum - awesome rum if you can still find it!

Oronoco Rum from Brazil. Unusual to find a Brazilian white rum as the traditional cane alcohol product is cachaca.

Sangwine by Lydia Nichols - The Dieline - The #1 Package Design Website -

Sangwine by Lydia Nichols

Save The Planet By Boozing With These Paper Wine Bottles (Bottle Packaging)

Paper wine bottles by Paperboy Wine in Paso Robles, CA. lighter than traditional bottles so good for camping and hiking.

Packaging - Guru Design

Label design for the Belgian-Style Single from Central Coast Brewing Co. (San Luis Obispo, CA).

water is beautiful design from mexico

ryanfmc: “ Casa del Agua Designed by Cadena + Asociados Branding ““Casa del Agua is an artesian bottled water boutique based in Mexico City. Water is the center piece of any ecosystem, making better.

дизайн вина

You'll love these 30 sweet wine bottle label designs, even if you're not an oenophile. Check out these wine label bottle designs for your own inpspiration.

Ipswich Brewing Co.

Student Package Design Concept For their final project in Persuasive Graphics, Jordan Bell, Keith Jernigan, James Utley, Aubrie Barrnett and Zack Gulliani had to design a packaging concept for a drink.

Aujourd'hui, le BlogDuWebdesign vous propose une sélection originale autour du renard et de sa représentation dans le domaine de la création. Nous avons sélectionné différentes réalisations dans des dom

55 créations autour du renard et du graphisme

npdistefano: “Fox & Rabbit by Ting Sia. “Fox and Rabbit is a fruity wine apéritif marketed for dinner parties and sophisticated get-togethers. The inspiration behind the brand focuses on the.