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Concept Art? This is cool but I dont know what it's from or for... #FantasyLandscape

Concept Art? This is cool but I dont know what it's from or for... #FantasyLandscape

Image result for parshmen stormlight archive

Image result for parshmen stormlight archive

Kaladin Stormblessed by Angel1802

Kaladin Stormblessed / Kaladin, Adolin, Renarin & Dalinar by (Repost with permission) UPDATE: Artist credit:

Kaladin & Syl by angel1802

Cosmere (Stormlight Archive) Fan Art Appreciation Post Kaladin & Syl by (Repost under artist’s permission. BTW this artist was converted by dear.

Kaladin & Shallan

“Highstorm” - Depicted from Brandon Sanderson’s novel “Words of Radiance” For a while I just couldn’t ship Kaladin and Shallan because I liked Adolin too much, but then, this scene happened.

The Way of the Kings  by Séverine Dumagny

Fanart from The Stormlight Archive (The Way of the Kings) by Brandon Sanderson. I'm a huge fan of his new series of books, this image depicted one of th.

Well SOMEONE'S shipping Shalladin!

ravensribbon: “A quick doodle of Shallan and Kaladin with some color thrown in. I love these two and drawing them keeps me sane.

Stormblessed by Tophloaf

Stormblessed by Tophloaf

TWoK - Kaladin Stormblessed by BotanicaXu.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Kaladin Stormblessed, "I will protect those who cannot protect themselves." (Based on Brandon Sanderson's The Way of Kings) TWoK - Kaladin Stormblessed

The Mistborn Cast by BotanicaXu.deviantart.com on @deviantART.  This style intrigues me.  I like the women here, especially Tindwyl, and Marsh just creeps me out (not a bad thing!!).  The Lord Ruler and Elend are perfect.  But I'm not so sure about Breeze...or Kelsier.

It’s been a year, sorry for the delay! There’re 40 characters all together, and you can look at the last piece to know who. The Mistborn Cast

Stormlight Archive/Avatar mash-up. So true! Adolin!Sokka and Kaladin!Zuko!!!!!!!! THIS IS SO PERFECT GUYS!!!

Stormlight Archive/Avatar mash-up. Adolin and Kaladin as Sokka and Zuko.