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He gonna like me them cause I always call him baby Kookie

This remind me about someone said that "Gentle on the street but beast on the bed!

Sooo true!!!

When I first got into K-Pop, I loved BIGBANG and despised every other group. Then my friend told me to listen to other groups and she showed me B. Then from that day on I listened to other bands and found BTS. Then the rest is history

he's so beyyoutifull

Omo, Jungkook-ah you're so funny bahahaha << yeah so funny ha ha ha *is getting bias wrecked from the mixture of cuteness and hotness from the 2 pics* ha ha ha 😅❤❤😣

I would be to shy to go near them and most likely have everyone cut me. Im very shy and looking up to the people that inspire me to follow my dream. I

I'm the type that blushes a lot for a lot of different reasons and it really shows on my face. If I saw them in person, I'll probably turn as red as a tomato.

he's still handsome and attractive barefaced. what is the point

He's handsome no matter what he does. He's even cute when he first wakes. No one is ever cute when they first wake up. But, he is just a normal human! I say human because he isn't a teenager anymore!

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Why he always looking like he's having a deep internal monologue abt the meaning of life

I swear this man knows the secret to not aging

I swear this man knows the secret to not aging