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I love how his little tounge is poking out!!

fluffy corgi puppy is the cure for the mondays--SO cute. had no clue they were this cute as puppies.

Why do corgis have to be sooooo cute????

The 29 Most Adorable Facts Ever. Corgi is welsh for dwarf dog. This may be one of the cutest pics ever

40 things that make Corgis happy. My corgis love many of these things, especially: roadtrips, getting hugs, giving hugs, eating PB out of the jar, dressing up, and running through freshly cut grass

40 Things That Make Corgis Happy

Funny pictures about Special delivery. Oh, and cool pics about Special delivery. Also, Special delivery photos.


"With corgis around, things are always looking up!" Cute Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppies, from Run-DMSteve

| DailyFailCenter Adorableness!

Funny pictures about Pancake the happiest corgi. Oh, and cool pics about Pancake the happiest corgi. Also, Pancake the happiest corgi.

I don't understand how everyone in this world doesn't want a corgi...

Oh baby corgi, you are so tiny and not the kind if dog I usually like but you are just too stinking cute! I want a Corgi!

thefrogman:  Do you all have your Super Otis t-shirts?  Now...

Supercorgi to the rescue! OMG - and I'm not especially a corgi fan but how cute is this?

So sweet❣️

The Daily Corgi: Jasper Islington Presents: "Gotcha Day" Roundup!-What a cutie!

How to read Corgi expressions and body language.  L to R: First red says "I'm in denial.  If I can't see you, maybe you can't see me."  The red-headed tri says "Maybe if I give you my cute worried face, you won't give me a bath." Next red says "Dude, this is not cool." The last red says "You'll pay for this.  Oh yes, you will pay."

Mini Corgi Planter Pots

There's too many Corgs in the tub- there's too many bums to scrub. I just washed a behind that I know wasn't mine - there's too many Corgs in this tub!

linusthecorgi: “ Photo by Lisa Dawkins on FB ” Is this real life?

There's just NO denying corgi smiles! linusthecorgi: “ Photo by Lisa Dawkins on FB ” Is this real life?

Meet Elvis Pawsley

Corgis live to be 10 to 12 years old and are cute their whole life span, but estra cute as puppies.