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i love how they just randomly add ralph to any episode!

27 Reasons Why We Should All Aspire To Be Ralph Wiggum

Clueless (1996–1999) ~~ Comedy ~~ Set in the wealthiest parts of Beverley Hills, the show profiled the many loves & lives of a teenage girl & her friends

Aubert played the role of Julie Sinclair in episodes on the television series Clueless

simpsons funny

Homer: Oh, Lisa. Haven't you seen "Home Alone"? If some burglars come, it'll be a very humorous and entertaining situation.

Cool houses

coolest homes to live

The real “Simpsons” house which is located in Henderson, Nevada. A Simpsons' contest winner was awarded the house in and Matt Groening signed his name, and drew Bart's picture in the sidewalk square in front of the house

It's funny cause it's true

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