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Yet more Black Butler characters fitted with different Disney songs. I do not own Black Butler or any of the songs. Kuroshitsuji is owned by Yana Toboso and .

Black Butler Kuroshitsuji, Otaku


a friend visits me for a few days so i don't know if I'll draw something or not ¯_ツ_/¯ Super Hero shirts, Gadgets

Ciel In A Bottle by iNintendo on DeviantArt

Ciel (in a jar) "ChiBi" Bocal "trop ChØu" ~ Ciel Phantomhive ~ Black Butler {Kuroshitsuji} ~ [MangAnime]


Manga Coloring Lineart and coloring by - Work in - SAI, Adobe Photoshop CC Undertaker belongs to Yana Toboso Kuroshitsuji/Original art belongs to . The Joker

Undertaker Chibi :D by Xtreme-Somi.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Coloured version of my previous pic Me ♥ Undertaker :'D . Happy Halloween xD Lines:[link] Undertaker © Yana Toboso Art © Me^^ Undertaker Chibi :D