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-Rupert Grint. This is an adorable quote. Rupert is the perfect Ron

This is an adorable quote." not a RG quote.I never wanted the girl to end up with the "hero". Too cliche.

ron and hermione

Can we just take a moment and appreciate that they are in a crumbling castle and about to be attacked by a snake and Ron is using BOTH of his hands to cover Hermione instead of covering/protecting his own face and head?

romione - romione Photo

Love it. I always wanted Hermione and Ron to get together ever since the first one.

This is one of the changes that irritated me the most. Ron should be much more distraught, desperate, and "half-sobbing" in the film. I WANT TO SEE HALF-SOBBING!

As a whole the movie vs book Ron is kind of (really) off but if at this point they fixed him I don't know if it would flow well in the movies. Suffice to say, book Ron is the best and if you don't think so, we must have read different books

Perfect crossover

Two of my favorite movies combined into one cool picture. Harry Things I Hate About You. This fits incredibly well with Ron and Hermione.

Hermione Granger y Ron Weasly en el Cuartel General de la Orden del Fenix en Grinmauld Place en Harry Potter y las Reliquias de la muerte Parte 1

I love this. I love that Ron gave Hermione the couch. I love that they fell asleep holding hands. I love that they both didn't sleep on the floor together. They were pure the whole time. I loooove them!

Hermione makes him feel like a hero and Ron makes her feel free ♥

Ron and Hermione .Who says there is something unhealthy about their relationship? Bella and Edward, that's an unhealthy relationship! Ron and Hermione are perfect