image by Jaime Profeta

Shooting Mastering Natural Light Indoors online photography workshop alumni image by Jaime Profeta. Lots of other inspirational pics too.

Your Song - Elton John

Shooting Composition and Creativity online photography workshop alumni image by Kristin Dokoza

LOL this made me giggle! its simply a new kind of photography!

self portrait :) But really, this is a great idea. Give the kid a camera and then take photos of him taking photos. oh my gosh! so cute!

Aperture vs. Depth of Field

This is a visual guide (photos) to see how the size of the aperture relates to the depth of field. The wider the aperture, the shallower the DoF.

diy photo canvas-Did with 16x20 and came out rather well. Easy to do. Used Sams Club for the pictures, no issues. Not perfect but really really good. Now to just get on the wall. LOve I have 2 huge canvases for a little under $30 for both

Enjoying the simple things: Canvas art - a quick & easy DIY. Would love these for the boys and family pictures!