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A butterfly hostess gown of sapphire blue with brilliants and crystals and a silver turban worn by actress Evelyn Brent - 1920

COSMIC MACHINE: cosmic midnight princess//

♕ Vintage Costume Variations ♕ Pearl Germond as Moonlight, Ziegfeld Follies Midnight Frolic, Alfred Cheney Johnston, 1918

Lana Turner, 1941 - Ziegfeld Follies Girl - Showgirl. Costume by Adrian.

Lana Turner - 1941 - Ziegfeld Follies Girl - Showgirl Costume by Adrian - Adrian liked to use star decorations in his costumes, symbolic of their rising star or falling star qualities.

Ziegfeld Girls / Myrna Darby

Myrna Darby Ziegfeld Follies Girl Photography by Alfred Cheney Johnston, the official photographer of the Zeigfeld Follies

Ballet costumes from 'The Midnight Sun' worn by Alice O'Neill - 1920s.

♕ Vintage Costume Variations ♕ Ballet costumes from 'The Midnight Sun' worn by…

Performers Mary Ong, Fei Ying and Mae Dong in a dressing room at Forbidden City nightclub. April 13, 1942.

Mary Ong, Fei Ying & Mae Dong at The Forbidden City Nightclub, 1942