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**Dalmatian pelican by Jiri Michal

ecogboutique: Image source: Dalmatian pelican by Jiri Michal ~ “The earth has music for those who listen.

This fox was found severely wounded after being attacked by other animals. The man who found him had two choices: euthanize him or take him in. You can tell from the photo what he chose to do. He later named him Cropper, and 6 years later, the two are still together. :)

Six years ago, Cropper was found after a fight with dogs injured and ill (toxoplasmosis), Cropper was nursed back to health by this man. Not strong enough to return to the wild, Cropper spends very happy days with his human friend.

Funny tumblr- radioactive by imagine dragons

Love this song. Its times better with the gif!XD>>>i saw this post before i knew who imagine dragons were and i didn't get it, but now i do, AND IT'S PERFECT.

(3) Одноклассники

One of the most beautiful picturs and the prize of my deer collection. Doe and fawn

First you shimmy to the right and then shimmy to the left

"I dreamed I was a dancing bear, and I was doing my dancing where the bears dance, and I was sneezing. 'Cause I was a dancing polar bear, and it was freezing.

For when teh bunny falls and can't het uo

Funny pictures about Upside down cuteness overload. Oh, and cool pics about Upside down cuteness overload. Also, Upside down cuteness overload.

Derek is clearly still angry at Stan for blowing off his birthday party invite. | 18 Animals Who Got The Last Laugh

18 Animals Who Got The Last Laugh

Hard Time To Make Friends GIF, this gets funnier the longer you watch it.

Sweet Little Bunny

Dog Posts on

This is a Nile Monitor Lizard and it must be at the top of the most hated Alien species living in Florida list.  The Florida Fish and Wildlife officers are having a hell of a time getting rid of them.  They are large (5-7 ft.) aggressive, have sharp teeth & claws, swim, climb trees and are generally dangerous.

The Nile Monitor can identify prey, enemies or a mate by smell. which is an interesting component of any African savanna, forest, or wetland display.

Inspiring image dog, lick, pug, puppy, window - Resolution - Find the image to your taste