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¡Piano de papel!

Portugal's Catarina Mota has created a synth with note-responsive LEDs from paper, some electronics and open source custom code.

Down by the Bay worksheet - music classroom kindergarten, 1st grade, Raffi!

Down by the Bay worksheet

Gesture-based earthquake data visualization using g-speak, Sandbox and a low-cost depth sensor. / by Oblong (amazing stuff)

The Noisy Jelly Kit Lets You Play With Your Food -

The Noisy Jelly Kit Lets You Play With Your Food

The Noisy Jelly Kit brings a new meaning to playing with your food. This board game relies on players to make their own jello shapes and place them on the game board. This will activate the board to play different sounds. The Noisy Jelly Kit is just anot

Human Theremin

Human by Lucy Sansom. Using ink, theremin circuitry, and a nice little amp, I made my sister into a fully functioning musical

Two piano foot pedals. - David Robinson/Getty Images

Your Quick Intro to the Piano's 3 Foot Pedals

Only two piano pedals are universally standard; the third pedal has become misunderstood and forgotten. Learn about the three piano pedals.

Forest Food Pyramid Project |

Forest Food Pyramid Project

Lexus: Interactive print ad

Is This The Most Interactive Print Ad Yet? --- Using Lexus created technology called Cine-Print, the ad comes to life only when you take an iPad and put it behind the printed ad in the October 15 issue of Sports Illustrated.

Composite Materials: Designing Mud Bricks

In this activity, students learn what co